‘Verizon’s internet service could be better’

In a statement to the ABC, Frontier Communications said it was not aware of any changes to its fibre broadband service at this time.

“We are actively working with the NBN Co and the Government to address any issues that may arise,” it said.

“As we have previously stated, our fibre-to-the-premises network is a proven network and we have a proven track record of delivering high-speed broadband services.”

In December, NBN Co said it had deployed a number of high-capacity fibre-optic networks across the network, but Frontier was still facing issues with its copper network.

The company also had a “high risk” of a fibre-coaxial network going “underground” and a number “of network problems” were facing it, NBN spokesperson Matt Jones said in December.

“These issues are related to the rollout of our network and do not pose any threat to our network.”

Frontier is also facing questions about whether it will be able to offer high-definition television services in the future.

Frontier is the only major Australian internet provider to offer broadband in Australia, but its customers have been left waiting for broadband for some time.

The ABC has also heard that Frontier’s FttN services were not able to deliver broadband to more than one customer at a time.

Frontier told the ABC it was aware of the issues, and was working to address them.

“Our fibre network is still in good shape,” it told the broadcaster.

“It is also our fibre network that is currently undergoing the upgrade.

We are in discussions with NBN Co to resolve any remaining issues.”

Frontier’s fibre-computing infrastructure is now up and running in the Northern Territory, but it is not yet available in the rest of the country.

“The rollout of Frontier’s fiber network is now complete and we are able to provide fibre-based broadband to customers across the Northern Territories,” the Frontier spokesperson said.

It is not clear if this includes services that are being offered by other providers in the NT.

“In the meantime, we will continue to deliver fibre-compatible services across the region,” he said.

Frontier said it would continue to work with the NT Government and NBN Co, and said it remained committed to delivering fibre broadband in the Territory.

“Fibre-based services can deliver speeds up to 300Mbps, and we plan to deliver services in excess of 300Mbps,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“This is a key priority for us, and will continue into the future.”

A spokesman for Frontier said the company was “very concerned” by the rollout issues, but said it “will continue to provide service” to customers.

In a statement to the ABC, Frontier Communications said it was not aware of any changes to its fibre broadband…


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