When your internet is down, Comcast may not be able to help you

If you’re having trouble getting online, Comcast is not your internet provider.

That’s according to Comcast’s CEO Brian Roberts.

“We are not going to be the internet provider that we were when I came into the company,” Roberts told investors at the company’s annual investor day in Las Vegas.

“What we’re going to do is we’re gonna work with our partners, our partners across the country, and we’re just going to go to them and say, ‘hey, we’re not going anymore,'” he said.

“But I think it’s going to come out better for everybody.”

Comcast will also be providing other assistance, like offering a free Internet connection for people in certain areas and offering gigabit Internet service in select cities.

In Las Vegas, Comcast said it will offer gigabit speeds for homes with 3,000 square feet or less.

It also will be offering unlimited Internet access to homes in certain neighborhoods.

Comcast has been a net neutrality proponent since it acquired Time Warner Cable in 2013, but its efforts to regulate Internet service have been blocked by the FCC.

At the same time, Comcast has faced criticism for charging more for Internet service, which has driven customers away.

In the past, Comcast argued that the FCC’s net neutrality rules were too restrictive, leading to higher prices for customers.

That argument is now being thrown into doubt, as the FCC is expected to take a new look at the issue later this year.

“Our approach is that we are not the internet, we are a telecommunications company and we want to be a telecommunications provider and we don’t have the ability to do that through regulations,” Roberts said.

He said that Comcast will continue to provide gigabit internet services, but only to households that meet certain requirements.

“It’s not just the internet,” Roberts added.

“If it’s a home and it’s 3,500 square feet, we can do it.”

Comcast’s Roberts was speaking as the company continued to deal with the fallout from the outage that has left thousands of people without Internet service.

The company says that it is working to resolve the issues with its network and expects to be up and running again by early next week.

“Unfortunately, we do have to do some things differently this time around,” Roberts admitted.

“So we’re working on that.”

If you’re having trouble getting online, Comcast is not your internet provider.That’s according to Comcast’s CEO Brian Roberts.“We are not…


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