Comcast buys Voxx, a media startup with internet ambitions

Comcast has bought Voxx internet for $15bn, in a deal that will see Voxx take over its internet business and become the new home for the Voxx network, a new online media company that has been under development for a number of years.

The transaction will give Voxx a more strategic position in the industry, and will create a significant amount of value for Comcast.

Voxx is the first new online content company in Comcast’s digital business.

VoxX was founded by co-founders and former Google employees, Ben Cohen and Noah Weissman, and was initially focused on creating content for online services, including YouTube.

But it has since pivoted to build its own content business, with a focus on providing live streaming content.

The deal with Voxx will allow the company to operate independently of Comcast, as Voxx has a strategic partnership with the broadcaster and other media companies, according to a statement from the companies.

“With this acquisition, Voxx becomes a more mature company, and the opportunities it provides for Comcast will be expanded,” said John Toffolo, Comcast’s chief content officer.

“The Voxx team has demonstrated an incredible ability to build the content ecosystem, which is why Comcast is committed to helping Voxx to achieve its vision.”

Voxx launched its first website in 2015 and currently has more than 3 million subscribers, with the majority of those users using the company’s content streaming service.

The company is also working on a new video platform that is planned to launch later this year, with plans to offer content from the likes of HBO, CNN, and Discovery.

The Voxx acquisition comes after Comcast acquired Time Warner Cable for $45bn in 2015, which was part of a wider consolidation that saw the company buy other cable companies.

It was not immediately clear what the deal with Comcast will mean for the future of Voxx.

The acquisition of VoxX comes as Comcast has been looking to increase its presence in the internet sector.

In 2016, Comcast bought the internet content company Digital River for $16.5bn, which also includes the online gaming company Playdead.

The Comcast-owned VoxX will take over Voxx’s content business.

Comcast’s deal with Playdead follows a $25bn acquisition in 2017 of the online video service Vimeo by Facebook, which has also said it is looking to invest in video content.

Comcast has bought Voxx internet for $15bn, in a deal that will see Voxx take over its internet business and…


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