What you need to know about the FCC’s net neutrality rules

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday proposed a set of rules to give broadband providers and Internet service providers more flexibility in how they operate the internet.

The rules would allow for the establishment of so-called “fast lanes” for certain applications, such as video streaming, but would not allow them for other types of online content, such a news website or news app.

While the rules would not affect the types of content providers can offer online, they would open the door for some new types of fast lanes for the types that the agency is considering.

The rules would set up a two-tier Internet service that would be open to different types of applications.

The first tier would be reserved for those applications that were already permitted under existing rules, such that an application like the video streaming service Netflix, for example, could be offered to the fastest internet connection available.

The second tier would allow applications that are not permitted under the existing rules to be offered in that tier.

The FCC is now considering whether the existing rule should be repealed, and if so, how to change the rules.

The commission has said it is open to taking steps to “clarify” the current rules so they apply to other types, but the rules have not been made public.

“It is important to distinguish between the rules that are on the books and the rules proposed in this proposal,” FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement announcing the proposal.

“The Commission will be considering a proposal that clarifies how these rules apply to different kinds of content.”

The proposal would also allow for fast lanes to be established for video streaming applications that already exist in the market, but it would not be possible for them to be created if those applications are already available.

The proposals would not apply to any other types or content that has not yet been approved.

While the rules do not require internet service providers to give preference to any particular application, the commission says it would be up to the service providers themselves to decide whether they would prefer that content be available in a certain kind of lane or not.

“While there may be cases where it would make sense to treat applications differently, such treatment must be consistent with the law and the market’s current conditions,” the commission said in its proposal.

“This proposal will ensure that all Internet service provider (ISP) and Internet content providers (CSP) can continue to offer a wide range of applications in a timely and effective manner, and that they will be able to continue to do so without undue burden to consumers.”

The rules have been under review for years.

They were approved by the FCC in 2015 and are currently undergoing an extensive public comment period.

The Federal Communications Commission on Friday proposed a set of rules to give broadband providers and Internet service providers more…


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