Twitter’s ‘Noise Map’ to Show How Many Tweets Per Second a User is Reading

Twitter is set to unveil a new feature that helps users find out what their followers are reading at any given moment.

The company has launched its Noise Map, which allows users to zoom into a tweet to see how many tweets a user is reading at the moment.

This is a handy tool to find out if your followers are engaged with the content you’re posting, as they might be bored by your content or frustrated by a certain piece of content.

The feature is available for both Twitter and Instagram users, but Twitter says it is available on all platforms.

To get the new feature, you simply click the gear icon in the top left corner of a tweet.

The menu will then appear that will allow you to zoom in and out, and the Noise Map will show you the number of times a user has read a tweet at any particular moment.

To see what the user is engaged with at any time, just click the Noise icon in that tweet.

To zoom in, you can simply click on the icon in its zoomed-in version.

If you want to see what a user’s followers are actually reading at that moment, click the icons that show up in the bottom right corner.

From there, you will be able to see exactly what Twitter is seeing.

To view the tweets in a larger window, click on a tweet in the list.

Then, just drag it out to view a wider view.

The app can also be used to check what other people are reading, or see who the user most recently followed.

It is available in English and French.

Twitter says that the Noise map is useful for the company’s “community” of “trending users,” which it says are “active users who engage with our products and services.”

It also adds that it is useful to “find new ways to engage with users.”

The company says that it will be rolling out the new Noise Map feature to all users on Thursday, and also in the coming days.

Twitter is set to unveil a new feature that helps users find out what their followers are reading at any…


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