How to watch CNN’s coverage of the outage: A guide to the best satellite internet providers

The outage hit satellite internet provider Optimum and its customers around the world as well as a number of Verizon Internet service providers, which provide internet service in the U.S. and many countries.

The outage, which was triggered by a power outage, also affected DirecTV and Comcast.

The blackout impacted tens of thousands of homes and businesses, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

The Federal Communications Board said it was aware of “significant service disruptions” affecting more than a thousand U.K. households and several million U.A.E. customers.

The FCC said it had issued the necessary notices for all the affected providers to “provide enhanced services to their customers.”

In addition to the Optimum outage, Verizon also had problems in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

It said its network was “overheated” and that customers were not able to connect to its network because of the issue.

The FCC is currently investigating Verizon for possible violations of the Communications Act.

On Tuesday, Verizon told CNN that it was working to restore service.

“We are aware of an issue impacting customers in the UK and are working to ensure that customers are not impacted,” the company said.

“All of our customers are experiencing service issues.

As a matter of fact, we are working hard to ensure they are not affected and we are monitoring the situation.

We are committed to providing the best network possible for our customers.”

NBC News’ Adam Goldman contributed to this report.

The outage hit satellite internet provider Optimum and its customers around the world as well as a number of Verizon…


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