How to make an internet connection without wifi and data caps

A new tool from Kinetic internet that lets you connect to your internet through a mesh network of devices on your phone, tablet, computer and tv is set to revolutionise how people use their internet and set the stage for a new era of data cap-free, high-speed internet. 

Kinetic, which was founded in 2016 by a former Google engineer, is currently testing the technology in the US and plans to roll it out to the rest of the world later this year. 

According to Kinetic co-founder and CEO Adam Kishore, the idea was born after an early iteration of Kinetic failed to deliver the internet speeds that were expected. 

“We found that we were able to deliver significantly more bandwidth than what we expected,” Kishor told TechCrunch. 

When you have a mesh device, you don’t have to worry about how much bandwidth is being used.

If you want to share your internet connection with your friends, you can use it on a smartphone or tablet or connect to it on another device. 

The problem was that we could not use it without data caps, which were set at 1GB per month for internet use. 

Kishor explained that there was no way to have a data cap for internet.

“If you have more than 10 GB of data per month, you need to have data caps of at least 10 GB,” he said. 

But what if you are using your internet for a hobby or just want to be connected to the internet without worrying about the cap? 

“Then you can simply add the internet to a device and then it’s just a matter of connecting the device and connecting to the web,” he explained. 

This means that if you have 3 devices, you could connect them to the same device and the devices will get data and internet at the same time. 

If you are a business owner or a freelancer who has a high-bandwidth connection, this would allow you to have your internet use free of data caps. 

There is also a feature called Kinetic Mobile where you can upload photos and videos to the Kinetic network, and connect them directly to the devices. 

With the Kinetics mobile app, you will be able to share photos with friends, or upload video clips, and it will also sync up with your social media accounts. 

Kinetic is not alone in trying to solve this problem. 

Facebook and Google have also been experimenting with data cap free internet and the Kinetically app has already been adopted by hundreds of companies including Instagram, Etsy, Dropbox and Uber. 

For more on the internet and data cap, check out: Google’s data cap experiment: Data caps are a major problem for businesses and individuals everywhere and this technology has the potential to revolutionize how we use the internet.

It has the ability to bring the internet faster and more reliably, while keeping everyone connected to each other. 

In a similar vein, there are already some companies working on data cap based internet that are using Kinetic. 

Google has built an app called Kinestalk that uses a mesh technology to allow you and up to 30 other people to talk and share data at the speed of WiFi. 

Snapchat has created an app that lets users send and receive pictures, videos and music with the tap of a button. 

You can even take your kids to the movies, even when you are on a plane, with a device like the Samsung Gear VR. 

We hope that Kinetic’s tech will prove to be a huge step in bridging the gap between the internet, the mobile world and the business world. 

Read more about data cap Kinetically also announced a new version of Kinetics Mobile that allows you to connect devices with a Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

As well as offering the ability for devices to share data, the Kinests Mobile app will also let you access your friends’ information and messages and set up and configure their profiles. 

These apps will be available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices in the coming weeks. 

At the end of the day, this is about bringing internet speeds to the masses, but in the meantime, if you want the best possible internet, you should check out Kinetic and other free apps. 

Image credit: Kinetic

A new tool from Kinetic internet that lets you connect to your internet through a mesh network of devices on…


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