Comcast internet speeds ‘still not ideal’

Comcast internet connections have reached a “tipping point” where the company is “not able to offer a good service to the public,” according to the company’s chief financial officer.

The company said Thursday that Comcast has received about 30 million complaints in the past month related to its Internet service and that the complaints are now at an “epidemic” level.

The company said it is working with regulators to address those complaints, but the company did not provide further details on what those efforts would entail.

Comcast said it expects to reach 1.3 million internet subscribers by the end of the year.

“We’re not able to provide a service to anyone, including our own customers,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said at the conference, according to a transcript provided by Comcast.

“The problems we have with the customers are getting worse and worse.

We’re trying to do our best to resolve those problems as quickly as possible.”

Roberts said the company expects to reduce its average internet speed by “about 20 percent,” but the increase is still “inevitable” in the years to come.

He said that Comcast is currently working with the Federal Communications Commission to increase the speed of its network and “improve customer experience.”

Roberts also announced a new $10 billion incentive program to help Comcast and other broadband companies build out their networks.

The money will be used to build out networks in underserved areas, and Comcast will invest $1 billion in new broadband infrastructure, he said.

Comcast’s Internet service is now available to more than 1.4 billion Americans.

The majority of Americans who receive the service have Internet speeds below 5 megabits per second, according a report from

The new Internet speed increase, Roberts said, is necessary “because our network is in some ways the fastest in the country.”

Roberts, who said the average customer Internet speeds have been falling in recent years, said that the company has made progress in building out its broadband network and that “the internet service we provide is at the tipping point now.”

He added that Comcast’s network is the fastest among its peers in the U.S., and the company will continue to improve it.

“We’re committed to getting to that level of speed,” Roberts said.

Comcast internet connections have reached a “tipping point” where the company is “not able to offer a good service to…


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