Month: September 2021

How to avoid an overhyped company

An overhyping company can be a real risk.And that is exactly what happened with Internet service provider BSNL, which was…

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Which games are you playing right now?

In an effort to help answer this question, IGN has compiled a list of the most-played games on mobile in…

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What’s the Verizon outage story?

Verizon internet service has suffered a massive internet outage across the country, affecting thousands of homes and businesses across the…

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Watch Dogs 2 – The best multiplayer PC games you won’t miss

By Tom EllisThe PC gaming world has been on a rollercoaster this year.The most recent batch of titles has been…

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How to stop internet down in Israel

Amid the ongoing power crisis in Israel, the government announced last week that internet service providers in the country will…

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When it comes to digital radio, you should definitely go with the iPhone 5S over the iPhone 6

In many ways, the iPhone 4S is a better smartphone for streaming music and video than the iPhone5S was when…

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Google outage highlights how internet is evolving

It’s a new reality for Australians.For many, the news that the NBN has been knocked out due to a severe…

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Google, Facebook to create an online database to track and block extremist content

Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies will begin sharing data from their online advertising platforms to build a…

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How to make an internet connection without wifi and data caps

A new tool from Kinetic internet that lets you connect to your internet through a mesh network of devices on…

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