NEWCASTLE, Northern Ireland – WISPERS CONVERSATION: Emilia Wensner (left) and Wansner at the Irish Institute of Technology (IIT) on April 15, 2018 in Belfast.

Source: Mark McCallum/PA Wire via Getty Images Emilia is currently the first woman to receive a PhD in political science from the Institute of International Affairs.

Emilia has also been appointed a member of the Board of Directors of the British Association of Universities.

She is a former chair of the University of Dundee Students’ Union and is also the president of the Union of Students’ Associations in Northern Ireland.

She has been an advisor to a number of political parties in Northern Irish politics.

Emilie Wensners views on the UK, the EU and Brexit are very different.

She recently stated: “Brexit has been a disaster for Ireland and Britain.

It has left our economy with no money.

It is not a great idea to have another European army or an Asian one in a country where there are no ethnic minorities.

I am not in favour of Brexit.

But we will see.”

Emilia and WensNER have also spoken about the impact of Brexit on Ireland.

Wensers views on Brexit have been similar to those of many others who have said that Ireland needs to be more connected to the EU.

Emile Wensninger was born and raised in London, and has lived in England, the US, France and Italy.

Emilias first political party was the Northern Ireland Democratic Party, founded in 1991.

She was elected to the House of Commons in 1997 and is the first female MP.

In 2008 she was elected as the first member of Northern Ireland’s parliament, representing Northern Ireland in the UK.

She later served as the Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Winsner is currently a member to the board of the Irish Independent Media Network (IIMN), which provides free internet access to all Irish citizens.

WINSNER’S FANBASE Emilia’s fan base in the US is very strong, with her following growing rapidly over the past couple of years.

Wansners popularity on Twitter is also growing, as well as her followers.

WANTS ON HOW TO HELP EMILIE WIN AN ELECTION Emilia wants the Government to help her to get an elected position.

Emillys Twitter page has a strong fan base, with many of her followers following her, and others commenting on her posts.

WANSNER SENT US A LETTER TO THE PRESS IN HER MOTHER’S NAME The Irish Independent has written a letter to the Prime Minister, outlining the issues the Government needs to address in order to avoid the country being “the laughing stock of Europe”.

The letter states that the Government “needs to act now before it is too late”.

Emilia says: “The EU is not the problem; the problem is that we have no voice in the Brexit negotiations.

I believe that it is our right to have our say and we can have our voice if we feel that it matters to us.

The Government needs immediate action to help Northern Ireland achieve the kind of Brexit that it deserves.”

Emiliam Wensington, the daughter of Emilia, says her family has not received a reply to the letter and she believes the Government is not listening to her father.

“I am disappointed that my father is not being listened to.

I have not heard from him since he published his letter.

Emelia Wensons Twitter page says she will be making a formal complaint with the Government in the coming days.”

The Government needs a change in approach, but it needs to do it now before the situation worsens.”

Emelia Wensons Twitter page says she will be making a formal complaint with the Government in the coming days.

NEWCASTLE, Northern Ireland – WISPERS CONVERSATION: Emilia Wensner (left) and Wansner at the Irish Institute of Technology (IIT) on April…


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