What’s next for Google’s cloud platform?

Google has made the big move to become more of a cloud provider.

At a Google I/O developer conference, the company confirmed that it will soon begin offering cloud-based services for its products.

The new Google Cloud Platform will allow businesses to access all the Google services that they can get access to on a single platform, from apps to storage, and will enable them to access Google products like Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and Google Maps in an easy to use interface.

In addition to Google Maps, Google Cloud is also enabling developers to build a variety of other applications.

For instance, it will make it easier to run a video service using the Google Cloud Video API.

The company also confirmed that Google Drive, the cloud storage service, will become a fully-featured service for businesses that have access to the cloud.

In a new blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company’s cloud service will become available to businesses in June.

For the time being, businesses will have to rely on the Google Apps platform for these services.

Google Apps is a free cloud-hosting service that includes Google Cloud and Google Apps Enterprise.

Google’s plans for cloud computing are driven by Google’s need to keep up with the ever-changing cloud needs of its businesses.

Cloud computing is expected to reach 10 percent of the cloud computing market by the end of 2021, according to a recent report by Gartner.

Businesses will continue to grow as cloud computing becomes more important to their businesses.

Google is already one of the top three cloud providers, according the report.

With the company now offering cloud computing services, it is no longer just a matter of if it will become one of Google’s top cloud providers.

Google has been working to move toward becoming more cloud-oriented for a while now.

For example, the search giant is currently working on a new cloud-native app called Google Cloud Connect.

The app will offer businesses a new way to access their business data and work from anywhere.

Google plans to roll out Google Cloud Services later this year and is expected launch Google Cloud Access and Google Cloud Search in the fall of 2021.

Google has made the big move to become more of a cloud provider.At a Google I/O developer conference, the company…


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