Verizon to remove free internet from phones and tablets as it ramps up internet marketing

Verizon has decided to remove the free internet on its smartphones and tablets, as it tries to ramp up its internet marketing efforts.

The company plans to start rolling out a program in early April that will allow customers to sign up for a “network upgrade” that will bring the free Internet on their devices to a level it had previously only offered on the Verizon smartphone.

The upgrade will allow the phones and the tablets to connect to the Verizon network, and then offer access to some services.

Verizon says that the upgrade will be free of charge.

The service, dubbed the “network refresh” program, is designed to give consumers a chance to “recharge” their phones and get the latest version of their smartphone and tablet apps.

The goal of the program is to allow Verizon to sell more phones and more tablets.

“Today, Verizon has more than 600 million customers who rely on the Internet for their daily life.

Verizon customers rely on Verizon to provide free, high-speed Internet to every customer, to help keep their homes and businesses running and to provide a range of essential services,” Verizon said in a statement.

The company added that the new service will be available to customers who already have a Verizon phone or tablet, and will include features such as the ability to browse the web, view email and stream movies and TV shows.

Verizon is also offering new phones and tablet models with wireless broadband.

At the same time, the company is taking a more aggressive approach to promoting the upgrade, which will cost Verizon about $60 per customer, a spokesman for the company said.

Verizon has been working with its network upgrade program partners, including the Canadian telecom giant Rogers Communications, to roll out the upgrade program in Canada and in other markets, the spokesman said.

Rogers has already rolled out the program in Vancouver, British Columbia.

More than half of Verizon’s wireless customers use the Verizon service, according to data from the company’s Wireless Partner Program.

As part of the upgrade plan, Verizon will also offer a “free” internet speed test.

This will be done on phones and other devices that have the Verizon internet service.

In the meantime, Verizon plans to roll-out other promotional programs, including offering special promotions in areas with high-density broadband and offering customers who have not yet upgraded their devices the chance to get a free upgrade to their phone or to their tablets.

Verizon has decided to remove the free internet on its smartphones and tablets, as it tries to ramp up its…


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