Israel: 4G internet is good for Israel’s economy, not for the Palestinians

Israel’s 4G Internet network, which began operating in January, is helping to improve the economic situation for the country, and its inhabitants are happy to have access to it, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview published Wednesday.

Netanyahu’s comments come as the government seeks to boost investment and create jobs, a key objective in the election next year.

The government is pushing to bring Israel’s digital economy to the level of developed countries, and the prime minister said he expects to see a “strong economy” in the future.

But in an apparent reference to the Palestinians, he said that while “the Internet was a blessing for the Jews, it was also a curse for the Arabs,” adding that the “Internet and mobile technology was used for terrorism and to spread lies.”

He said that if Israel does not act quickly, “it is not only an economic and strategic threat to us, it is a very serious economic and security threat.”

Netanyahu, who has been trying to bolster investment and boost jobs, said that “the best way to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict is to solve this issue on the ground, on the territory, and with a real commitment to create a better life for our people.”

Netaji was the first to offer the Arab countries access to the internet.

Netaji, who ruled India between 1948 and 1951, said in a speech in 1959 that the people should have the right to connect to the world, and that the Arabs had a right to their own land and “their own destiny.”

However, many of the Arabs, including some of the most powerful leaders in the region, have called for a return to the days of the British Raj, when Jews had no legal right to use the internet and Arabs had the same right.

Netra and the British were “very bad and we’re very good,” Netanyahu said, referring to the British colonial rule of India.

“And if you’re a British, it’s a very sad day.”

Netra said that the British had “turned the Internet into a tool of colonialism.”

He added that in addition to the Internet, the British “used it to control the press, and to manipulate the economy.

So they were not interested in the people of India.”

Netahs policies, such as the establishment of the National Library, were “a clear attempt to create and maintain a colonialist world,” Netanyahu continued.

Netah said that after the first world war, the Jews were allowed to travel and visit India, and he called on India to make it “as easy as possible” for Jews to travel.

Netanyah also called for the creation of a national library for India, which would “enable all our people to learn, research and do things.”

Netanyahs policies, including the creation for the National Archives and the creation the National Public Library, will create a “historic archive of Indian history, culture and civilisation,” he said.

Netrah said that in his own time, the country had “the highest rate of literacy in the world,” and that this had led to “a very high level of productivity, which has created the country that it is today.”

The Prime Minister said that India is “one of the greatest economic powers of the world.”

“Our economic potential is enormous,” he added.

Israel’s 4G Internet network, which began operating in January, is helping to improve the economic situation for the country, and…


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