How to avoid getting hacked? You’ll need to set up a VPN

By Stephen R. TippettAssociated PressTech writer,BloombergNew York City (AP) — How to evade a cyberattack is less important than how to defend yourself against the attackers, according to a recent report.

The cybersecurity community is still grappling with the question of how to protect a person who is being hacked.

That’s one reason for the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and The Washington Post, which calls on businesses to set aside time each month to protect themselves against the cyberthreat.

The Chamber of Technology has released a cybersecurity report and set the stage for the industry to take action in response to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

It calls for a national Cybersecurity Strategy, a blueprint for cybersecurity and cybercrime prevention, and a national cybersecurity workforce.

The report found that in 2016, attacks on critical infrastructure, such as power plants, water and sewage systems and transportation networks, cost an estimated $7.4 trillion.

The $7 trillion figure includes $3.6 trillion in damage from natural disasters.

That is roughly double the amount that the cyberattack cost to the U-S Treasury in the same period, according the report.NIST estimated the total economic damage from the cyberattacks would be $12.3 trillion, including the damage from cyber attacks on U.A.E. infrastructure.

It also said that cyberattacks could be significantly less expensive than attacks against critical infrastructure.

Cyberattacks against critical-infrastructure infrastructure are an emerging threat and a growing threat to the financial industry. But the U

By Stephen R. TippettAssociated PressTech writer,BloombergNew York City (AP) — How to evade a cyberattack is less important than how…


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