Comcast-AT&T’s cable TV merger could lead to net neutrality fight

Comcast-A&amp ;T’s proposed $45.6 billion merger with AT&amp !amp; T would create a company that would be able to charge different prices for different types of TV services.

The companies already are negotiating over how much of their combined revenue will come from video services and how they will treat content from the other providers.

But this would be the first time they have come together as a single company.

Under the deal, Comcast would acquire the cable TV company, then add a new TV streaming service, dubbed Stream, to its cable business.

Stream would compete with the likes of Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Now, which are available on many other platforms.

In return, Comcast and AT&am would agree to invest in broadband infrastructure in exchange for paying a fee that would go into a fund for creating a new public Internet.

“Comcast-AT & t is committed to ensuring that consumers get the best possible broadband experience, while also protecting competition,” the companies said in a joint statement.

AT&am said the merger would give it access to a “huge number” of consumers.

Comcast said the deal is aimed at “building a single broadband ecosystem for millions of customers across the United States.”

AT &am is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit in the coming weeks against Comcast.

While Comcast has said it would never agree to pay for the public Internet in return for the right to charge higher prices, it has said the company would look to increase the cost of its Internet service.

Comcast-A&amp ;T’s proposed $45.6 billion merger with AT&amp !amp; T would create a company that would be able to charge…


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