When Charter’s internet goes down: What you need to know about Charter’s new website

Charter Internet is under attack by a new cyberattack.

The internet service provider (ISP) is blaming a malicious actor that appears to be connected to Anonymous.

The company says it is working with law enforcement and is taking measures to protect its networks.

We have not found evidence to indicate that this is a new attack or that it is being orchestrated by any government agency, and we continue to believe that this attack is the work of a third party or a group that has been engaged in similar activity,” Charter said in a statement. 

The company said it was working with police to “identify and take action on those responsible for the attack.”

Anonymous is a loosely-organized group of hackers that has gained notoriety for disrupting large-scale attacks against large corporations, such as the Equifax hack in 2015 and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s hack in 2016.

In a statement, Anonymous said it has “filed criminal charges against the hacker group responsible for this latest attack, which we believe was launched by a group calling itself the Anonymous collective.”

Charter’s website went offline on Monday evening, and it was unavailable to users who were not currently enrolled. “

We are aware of the recent hack of Charter’s website and are taking steps to protect our network and infrastructure from further attacks,” the company said. 

Charter’s website went offline on Monday evening, and it was unavailable to users who were not currently enrolled.

A screenshot of the company’s website shows the message, “We are taking measures.” 

Anonymous has targeted Charter in the past.

Last year, it released a video purporting to show hackers using a hacking technique that it said would allow them to breach a company’s network and steal valuable data.

A few days after the hack, Anonymous released a fake Twitter account that pretended to be the account of a Charter employee.

Anonymous later released a statement saying that the hack was a “breach of the law,” but did not elaborate on what the law is or what law enforcement might be looking for. 

Anonymous said the hack is part of a campaign of attacks against the company that it says are designed to “destroy our corporate identity, silence us, destroy our speech, and destroy our democracy.” 

The statement also said it is “working with other governments and corporations to identify and prosecute those responsible, to expose the perpetrators, and to hold them accountable for their actions.” 

This is a developing story.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Charter Internet is under attack by a new cyberattack.The internet service provider (ISP) is blaming a malicious actor that appears…


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