What happens when you take the Internet off?

NEW YORK — Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon say they are not worried about losing access to their networks as the Federal Communications Commission considers a proposal to cut off their access to the nation’s internet traffic.

The Federal Communications Agency’s Open Internet Order would require internet service providers to create and maintain a clear and reasonable “fast lane” for them to offer their services to consumers.

It would require the providers to make those speeds available to all Americans.

The FCC’s proposal would apply to all internet traffic, not just for internet access services, and would not require internet companies to get permission from the FCC before charging users for that service.

But internet service companies say that, under their current business model, they have little choice.

They say it would put them in a difficult position, as they are now required to get FCC approval before charging customers for services they say they don’t need.

And as long as they continue to charge for services, they say, they will continue to lose customers.

“There is a lot of uncertainty,” Comcast spokeswoman Elizabeth O’Neill said Thursday.

“We’re going to be reviewing it, and we’ll make the decision in the near future.”

Verizon spokeswoman Susanne Craig said the company is reviewing the proposal, and will make a decision when the FCC has more information.

“We have not made a final decision,” Craig said.

“There are some issues that we will be taking into consideration.”

While internet service has traditionally been free, a number of Internet service providers have been forced to charge customers for their services, including Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink.

Those companies have argued that cutting off their service could hurt competition and stifle innovation.

The FCC says the net neutrality rules prohibit internet providers from blocking or throttling web traffic or charging internet users more for their access.

Critics say that is a bad policy because the FCC’s current rules prohibit ISPs from charging users more to access their services.

And the FCC says its plan will make it easier for internet providers to keep costs down for consumers, because it would no longer require them to obtain FCC approval for new services.

Verizon is a large internet service provider with about 10 million subscribers in the United States, but it says it would not be affected by the FCC decision.

It says it has a number

NEW YORK — Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon say they are not worried about losing access to their…


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